When Coaching Yourself, Does Losing Your Keys Mean You"re Losing Your Mind?

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Most of us know how it feels to search frantically around the house, wondering where on earth we left our keys, our phone or something else essential.
This kind of forgetfulness isn't just to do with getting older, though age does play a part in it; but fatigue, stress and overwork are also major contributing factors.
Losing your keys doesn't necessarily mean you're losing your mind, it may just be a sign that you need to slow down or coach yourself.
In business coaching one of the primary contributing factors in short term memory loss is stress.
Stress triggers our brains to release hormones, like cortisol, which affect the memory and cognitive function section of the brain.
The over-stimulus caused by these hormones overloads the memory part of the brain, which causes it to forget things.
Luckily stress-related memory loss is only temporary and your memory will return to normal once the stress reactions have eased.
Temporary memory loss can also be caused by multi-tasking, which too many of us use to keep ahead in our busy lives.
When we are carrying on a conversation on the phone as we walk into the house, and planning what to cook for dinner at the same time, we are not paying attention to where we are simultaneously putting down our keys.
Our brains don't store date well when we are not paying attention to it in the first place.
Brains are designed to do one task at a time.
We are not computers and when we try and behave as if we were, our brains refuse to co-operate and forget things.
By developing life coaching skills we can help our brains stay sharp with healthy living.
Taking physical exercise daily, eating healthily, getting plenty of sleep and performing mental exercises that stretch the brain all help maintain a healthy brain, producing more neurotropins, essential transmitters to enhance the nerve connections within the brain.
Coaching Skills Losing keys isn't a sign that you are losing your mind.
It just shows that you are over-stressed.
Everyday life can be extremely demanding and wears us down.
We should counter this by taking good care of our selves.
A healthy memory needs to be nurtured in the same way we nurture our bodies, by living a healthy life.
When coaching yourself don't expect to remember everything.
You can enhance your memory no end, by writing things down on paper.
If you have to remember something write it down.
Albert Einstein is reported never to have memorized his own phone number.
Whenever he was asked for it, he would look it up in the phone book.
He insisted that he did not want to clutter up his mind with such trivial data.
With life coaching take a leaf out of his book and outsource your trivial data to paper.
Keep a notebook with reminders, make lists and don't try to keep all the trivial things in your head.
Save your memory space for the things that are more important in your life.
Does your memory need a boost? Quotes "A good memory is one trained to forget the trivial.
" Clifton Fadiman "A good storyteller is a person with a good memory and hopes other people haven't.
" Irvin S.
Cobb "Happiness is good health and a bad memory.
" Ingrid Bergman
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