Getting Left Feet Right

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Have you ever felt like you are not making any progress in your life? Ever feel that whatever you do, you don't get anywhere? It happens to all of us.
Often times we are so focused on what steps to take that we don't stop and let our steps catch up.
We may feel that we are spinning our wheels, or running in place while everything and everyone else is passing us by.
Have you ever seen a person running for the bus? They run through traffic, across red lights, risk life and limb just to catch the bus.
The look of horror and despair on their faces is quite memorable.
They don't realize that another bus is right behind the one they just missed and they focus on what they miss instead of what they gain.
Like life, progress is a process and process is progress.
By that, I mean that we all buy into the misconception of immediacy.
We think that whatever we do now will result in an outcome now, but it doesn't happen like that.
What we do now has an outcome of later.
There is no such thing as overnight success.
We can never run ahead of our karma just because we want something faster.
In ballroom dancing, basic movement is the very basic step that defines the character of a dance.
So if we look at life as a dance and we are able to sustain a basic move, then we have accomplished the first step of movement.
Closed Change is a basic step in the Waltz, performed in closed position.
The man steps forward on either foot while the lady steps backward on the opposing foot.
They will then step to the side on the other foot, and conclude the figure by closing the first foot beside the second.
Each step takes up a full beat of the music.
Life is a dance in which we are partners.
Sometimes we move forward, backwards, sideways, in circles, are thrown in the air, and land on the ground, but we are not standing still.
The various steps, kicks, twists and turns will always keep us on our toes.
What is your favorite dance? How does it make you feel? Do you think technique is more important than passion and desire? What do you think? If you could define your life as a dance, which one would it be?
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