What You Did Not Know About Attention Deficit Disorder

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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a condition where one is not able to concentrate well especially when learning or getting knowledge.
The person gets easily distracted and can wonder into his own world very easily.
It is a condition that is usually diagnosed in the childhood stage of life.
More men have been found to have this disorder as compared to women.
This disorder can continue from childhood all the way into adulthood.
When one becomes an adult, you may notice them displaying anti-social behavior which is not evident when one is a child.
There is a different type of ADD based on some neurobiological disabilities.
This is known as the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, whose acronym is ADHD.
No one has fully found out what causes ADHD.
Research has found out that ADD can be as a result of a genetic transmission.
Another cause of ADD is chemical imbalance or lack of sufficient neurotransmitters.
These neurotransmitters are responsible for regulation of an individual's behaviour.
Further research has found out that the brains of people who have ADD use less glucose compared to the ones who are considered 'normal.
' There are certain symptoms that Attention Deficit Disorder displays in children.
Some of them are hyperactivity, lack of being attentive and impulsive behaviour.
Lack of being attentive will make the children make silly mistakes while doing their homework, they will easily get distracted, they will not listen and will easily forget what they were doing.
Hyperactivity will make the child fidget around a lot.
The child will be restless and will have problems with focusing.
Impulsive behaviour in children with ADD is characterized by interrupting people who are conversing, being impatient and giving out answers before a question is asked.
It has been found out that children with ADHD have difficulty in carrying out meaningful conversations, doing assigned work or doing homework.
They have also been found out to be involved in very risky activities.
It is for this reason that accidental injuries are more common with children who have ADHD and less with adults who have the same disorder.
Adults who have ADD tend to be careless and display impulsive behaviour.
They also have problems with managing their time and organizing themselves.
Planning and structuring is usually a difficult task for adults with ADD.
If ADD cannot be treated or controlled early, it will bring problems in the future.
It is best to try to diagnose and treat is as early as possible i.
during childhood.
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