ADHD - Inattentive Behavior - Increasing Your Child"s Ability to Focus and Stay on Task

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There are many symptoms of ADHD: inattentive behavior, hyperactivity, temper tantrums, inappropriate outbursts and more.
While some children may be hyperactive, others may have more issues with paying attention.
In this article, we will focus on inattention and how parents can help their children learn to focus and stay on task so they can gain a sense of competence at school and home.
ADHD: Inattentive Behavior - A Definition Inattention can be likened to being spaced out.
While in this state, ADHD kids have difficulty listening, following instructions and completing tasks.
Although we all have moments of inattention, kids with ADHD have them much more frequently, so much that it interferes with their ability to get things done.
Inattention is more commonly seen in girls, but boys can also struggle with this issue.
Since paying attention takes energy, giving your child nutrition that provides the brain with the nutrients it needs to sustain focus will help your child emerge from the fog of inattention.
ADHD: Inattention Behavior - Proper Nutrition Increases Concentration Most parents are aware of the importance of blood sugar with regard to a child's ability to pay attention.
If a child's blood sugar is stable, then the child can focus much more easily.
This same philosophy applies to nutrition.
If a child is given a healthy diet comprised of fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, lean meat and fish, nuts and essential oils, then the child's brain function will improve.
ADHD inattentive behaviors are caused when brain activity slows down in response to the necessity to perform mundane tasks, like chores or homework.
Instead of gearing itself for action, the brain falls into a dream-like state.
Other than when in this dream-like episodes, the brain seems to function normally.
Proper food will help to alleviate this issue, especially when supplemented with vitamins, minerals and good oils, like omega 3's which are important for brain and heart health.
Although ADHD inattention can be counteracted by stimulant drugs like Adderall and Ritalin, these drugs have dangerous side effects and do not work in all cases.
Rather than subject their kids to the short and long term side effects of pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate ADHD inattentive behaviors, many parents are turning to natural remedies.
These all-natural remedies work just as effectively as drugs, but have no side effects.
Better still, they provide the brain with essential nutrients that allow kids to pay attention, listen, concentrate and complete chores and homework.
Since all natural remedies are not created equal, make sure to look for proven ingredients like verta alb, arsen iod and hyocyamus.
These ingredients work together to heal issues like ADHD inattention, which means that eventually, your child will no longer need to take them.
This is the biggest difference between natural remedies and prescription stimulants: remedies heal, while drugs do not.
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