Overcome Fear

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We are living in a time when fear abounds in our society.
It appears that even when someone is not afraid of anything specific, they still have this sense of being afraid, a feeling of impending doom.
Some of us may be picking up on world consciousness, the dark energy of fear that has been generated worldwide, and it is strong and appears to be growing.
Hopefully it may subside soon.
It appears that masses of people are being taught to live in fear for a specific purpose.
Apparently it is easier to control the masses when they are fearful.
The very place where we should be learning to live with inner peace and confidence, in religious organizations, is the very place people are being taught to fear.
They appear to be continually told that they may go to Hell whether they do or they don't do some unknown thing.
There is a better way.
We have a choice to live in love or to live in fear.
Maybe it takes an awareness that we do have the choice, then maybe people will know they are actually in control.
They have the power to control their feelings through choice.
In 1994, Russia had a violent summer with many catastrophes, and many, many deaths.
Most of these were caused by what man had, or had not, done.
And the reason blamed for these bloody disasters was economic crisis.
This sounds a little like the situation we find ourselves in today.
Are things going to get worse? Probably they will if our economy continues to deteriorate.
Our roads may be corrupted by potholes, our bridges may begin to sag or collapse, gas pipelines may weaken, water pipes may burst, buildings may rot and not be repaired, children may not be cared for properly, elderly may lack food and care, and on and on.
It is understandable that all these kinds of disasters could bring about a state of fear in many individuals.
Yet, we are to rely on our heavenly Father.
We can choose to live in fear, or to live in an energy of love which will cast out fear.
Even when there may be turmoil and chaos around us, when we trust our Father, we can feel peace within.
Living in a state of love, we are better prepared to deal with each event as it happens.
May we know that our Father will watch over us so we won't be afraid.
No matter what happens, nothing will happen that He does not allow, and He loves us!
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