Are You Wealthy or Are You Only Rich?

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"Some people are so poor, all they have is money".
~ Patrick Meagher.
I came across that quote several years ago and it spoke volumes to me.
It also reminded me of what is important and that is being wealthy.
It made me stop and think.
Do I want to be money rich and soul poor or do I want to be spiritually and Soul wealthy? It helped me to put my life in perspective.
I realized that while it was great to have a lot of money, having money alone will not fulfill us nor will it create a better life.
Granted, money can create an external "status" filled life, however, it will not soothe our soul nor will it give us peace of heart.
On the other hand, being wealthy means that you have lots of laughter in your heart, your soul rejoices with the blessings and joys of each day and you have people in your life that loves you and who you love.
Money cannot give us that.
Even if you are not working and you are not making any money, you are still wealthy because the having or not having of money does not dictate your existence.
When there are down times, your heart will still be full because you have love in your heart for yourself and for others.
Around eight years ago, I went through a spiritual awakening, which opened my eyes to how I was really living.
I realized that with all the material gains I had acquired, I was still deeply unhappy.
After traveling to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil one of the poorest parts of Brazil, money-wise, it was my honour to meet individuals who were so wealthy spiritually, soul-wise and heart-wise.
Out of the little they had, they gave to me.
Their hearts were so big that it dwarfed the environment that they lived in.
As a result, they always managed to live.
I was immediately ashamed of the materialistic lifestyle I was living and was so preoccupied with.
I decided that my life needs to have meaning and there has to be some purpose to the life I was living.
When we are wealthy, serving others is our utmost priority.
By placing the serving of others first, we are building up on more wealth for ourselves.
Giving of ourselves to others does not mean that we need to go on a worldwide spree of doing things for others.
We can start right where we are.
It maybe a stranger on the street, a friend in need or we can provide motivation for someone close to us.
My Grandaunt always taught me that I should not let my left hand know what my right hand is doing.
That means when we help others, the whole world does not have to know about it.
When you help others, you are not seeking accolades or recognition from anyone outside of you.
Seeing the love and appreciation on the faces of those you served is all the thanks that you need.
When we give of ourselves freely, we open the door for the Universe to provide for us in so many ways.
However, it is important to remain open to where your many blessings will come from.
It will not come from where you may expect it to, however, it will come to you.
We have so much in us that we can share with others.
When we are inspired and motivated by others, we can then turn around and inspire and motivate others.
Not everyone will be receptive of what you have to offer, however, do not let that deter you from serving others.
You may not know how best to serve, but if you have it in your heart to serve others, various ways will begin to open up to you.
If you feel that you have to be perfect or you have to perfectly serve others the first time out, you are doing it for the wrong reasons and coming at it with the wrong approach.
Serving others is simply about serving others in any way shape or form.
Trust me, those that you serve will appreciate whatever little you can provide.
Because for them, what you think is a little, will mean the world to them.
By serving others, you will also be provided for, but of course, that is not the reason why you are serving others.
You do not need to be rich to serve others.
People are looking for others to connect with them and understand what they are going through.
People are looking for comfort, they are looking to feel better about themselves and they are looking to understand what they are going through.
People are also looking for love, not romantic love, but the kind of platonic love that makes them feel like they matter as human beings.
Having love in our heart is what makes us wealthy and when that love for mankind is overflowing in our heart, we can spread it to others.
Keep in mind though that not everyone will be ready for what you have to offer.
That does not mean that you are wrong nor should you allow that to make you stop serving others.
If a few people do not accept what you have to offer, then it is not for them.
There are those who will want to block you from serving others.
Go around, go under, and or go over those roadblocks.
Do not waste time trying to convince or force anyone to accept you, understand you or believe in you, nor should you allow their disapproval to hinder your purpose.
That is the beauty in serving others.
It is a calling that you receive from deep within you.
No one outside of you can impede that calling and it is not for anyone outside of you to approve or disapprove of.
It is a higher calling that cannot be thwarted by mere human beings.
When you feel, hear and answer that calling, no one can take it away from you.
It is a calling that comes by way of you being and living wealthy.
You will feel from deep within you if you are on the right path.
If you do not feel it then you can find another way to serve that feels authentic and real for you.
You can put the motivation and inspiration out there and who needs it will respond to you.
Your energy will reach out to their energy and if there is a connection, great.
Also, know that not everyone will acknowledge that they benefited from your message and that's fine also.
It is for them to take it, apply it to their life and possibly help someone else.
Their wealth and yours then multiplies.
By you living a wealthy life, your life will attract whatever monetary assistance you may need.
Notice that I did not say that you will be rich.
No, that is because being wealthy is far more fulfilling and it will help you to live a very rich and rewarding life.
Living a rich life here refers to quality of life and not monetary value.
Do not worry if you are not swimming in money now.
If you look around in your life, you will see how wealthy you already are.
You will realize that even though you may not be money rich, your life have been managing quite fine and it has seen a tremendous amount of wealth.
Could you do with more money? Of course, but you know that everything happens in its divine time.
Maybe, you are not ready to have a lot of money in your life.
You need to line your heart and soul some more so that when money begins to shower down on you and it will, you will be wealthy enough to handle that influx of monetary riches.
So are you living a wealthy life or are you just simply money-rich? ###
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