Cha-Ching Clarity About God

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Have you ever had a cha-ching moment? It's the moment when a new view of what has always been present becomes apparent to you; when something you have been trying to understand flashes through your thinking in an entirely different way and as it does so you "get it!" We have all had those moments when everything lines up and clarity appears.
It is like a slot machine that has a guarantee of a pay off if we just continue to put those quarters into it.
In this case, we are paid in clarity, which is much more valuable than money.
With clarity, we can see the obvious that was just a moment before hidden from view.
This clarity reveals the presence of any form of supply that is needed for our daily life.
After building the deck on the side of our house, a door was installed into my office.
Now I can see a view that was always there, but was not visible to me.
Recently we held a celebration of my dad's life.
The speakers were those who knew him within his field of work.
They shared stories and antidotes and as we listened we all had a new view of my dad.
A different view comes about in many ways, but is always a gift and one that is meant to be used.
My door is meant to be opened and walked through or it is useless.
An expanded view of someone else reveals new views of both them and us and makes a substantial difference in the quality of our lives.
A subject that deserves clarity is the concept of matter versus spirit.
The worldview is that we are material, and someday we will be spiritual.
The process of how this happens doesn't matter as much as the idea that we are one thing now, but someday we will become another.
This view or perception acts like the wall in my office.
It doesn't allow us to see what is on the other side.
It hides from view the outcome of knowing the Truth that God is Spirit and we are the image and likeness of God.
When we define God as the man in the sky (a glorious example of this is seen in the movie "The Invention of Lying") we are not talking about the God that is Spirit.
The "man in the sky" god is created from the view that we are material, or human, and that god is a glorified version of ourselves, made in our own image.
It's our choice really which view of God we wish to accept and live with as our reality.
For me, I choose the open door view and the idea that God is spiritual and infinite Love.
Within this view, we are also spiritual, now and always and not just in the future when we have worked through our humanness.
However, to get to this cha-ching moment of clarity about ourselves and God we have to practice, just like you have to drop the quarters in the slot machine to win.
One way I practice is during my morning walks.
As I walk, I remind myself as often as possible that, "Everything I am seeing is not material it is spiritual and since God is Spirit and One then everything I am seeing is God.
" This contemplative practice of shifting perceptions results in my seeing things I never saw before, or seeing them in an entirely new light.
It is this view that sets us free.
With this view, the world shifts to match our perception.
We have more direct experiences that prove that our lives are the action of God.
We find that we no longer need to or desire to control what appears as material.
We let go and see the infinite power and abundance that is the Truth of the essence of ourselves and God.
The door in my office needs to be used.
The view is beautiful, but the door is useless as a door unless I open it and walk through.
To experience those cha-ching moments takes the continual action of putting new ideas and perceptions into the machine of our daily lives and then enjoying with gratitude the cha-ching moment of clarity that opens up a new view of big r Reality.
Let's celebrate these moments, and then take that clarity and expand on it until one day we know and experience in every moment that glorious new view of ourselves, each other, and God.
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