How to Develop A Relationship With Your Power Animals With a Reiki Journey

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When learning to journey with Reiki it is important to notice how your intuitive mind works.
Not all people "see" their journeys.
You may "see" power animals as images in your mind, or you may simply "know" they are there.
For some, the sense of smell defines the journey; others hear what is happening during their journey in their own words.
There are many ways to experience a Reiki journey.
Your way is the best way for you.
It sometimes takes time and patience to gain the experience you need in order to understand how your journeys work.
Invoke SHK to help your mind align with your intuition.
Another common experience people have is that they wonder if they have made it all up.
The answer is yes and no.
You have made things happen, such as creating a bridge of light and a portal into the earth.
However, "You can make things happen without making them up," says Tom Cowan, in Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life.
The more experienced you become, the more you realize you could never make up what happens.
It is so diverse, active, and alive.
It is very different from ordinary reality.
Yes, you do use your imagination to journey.
However, I find that many of us need to heal the definition of our imagination.
We have been taught that we use our imagination to make things up.
In spiritual practices, your imagination is your sixth sense, a vital part of your intelligence.
Having an active imagination is a skill that is intentionally developed.
Your imagination is the doorway, the portal to the spiritual realms of non-ordinary reality.
It is accessed through your third eye, the sixth chakra.
I find that many of my Reiki clients need healing of their beliefs about imagination and need to balance their sixth chakra.
A new definition of imagination is often revealed to them and their intuition returns.
The intuition and imagination work together.
I encourage you to increase the use of your imagination as part of your daily practices.
SHK is a powerful symbol that activates the power of your divine mind.
Activate it and spend time daydreaming to increase the power of your imagination.
"Remember that your spirit helpers and power animals are magical and they can do anything.
Birds can swim under water, whales can fly, and tigers can talk.
They are your protectors and guardians," says Jan Engels-Smith in her book, Becoming Yourself, The Journey from Head to Heart.
She also says, "The images you bring back are largely metaphorical.
It may take some time and guidance to understand their meanings.
Frightening images are usually metaphors that may be projections of you own fears, but they are almost always there to teach you something.
" If something strange or "scary" occurs in your journey, it probably doesn't mean what you think it does.
Remember that you have asked Reiki to take you only to the enlightened realms.
Therefore, this is where you will go.
HSZSN is a spiritually guided Reiki bridge of light.
You can trust the power animals you meet.
Some of them have watched over you all of your life.
You may even have known them as a child.
So if they do something you don't understand, ask them to explain.
They don't always know how to communicate clearly to us, so be sure to ask.
Then listen.
You may not understand right away.
Sometimes it takes time to receive your answers.
As you get to know your power animals, you will understand their style of communication better and your relationship will grow deeper.
You will understand the depth of care your power animal gives you.
They are your protectors and guardians.
It is a good practice to include your power animals in your future journeys with Reiki.
They love to travel with you.
They watch out for you and alert you if you need to pay better attention.
They can bring you information and answers from another perspective.
It takes time and practice to understand them.
Remember, they are your friends and colleagues.
Power animals tell me they love Reiki.
Reiki gives them an easy pathway for people to connect to them and they are grateful for the ability to be in relationship with Reiki practitioners.
Creator, Great Spirit, God, Goddess, are all expressed in nature.
We are natural beings.
Animals have always played a crucial role in human life and survival.
It is no wonder they also play an important role in our spiritual lives.
Use Reiki to develop a meaningful relationship with your power animal and enjoy the results.
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