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They say that true leadership is leading by example, and what could be a better example of leadership than working with the local community in a common cause? Is your company committed to community leadership and to making a difference? You should be, no matter what size company you have.
Many corporations help out the community because they know that their employees live locally and they also know that the community that works together stays together.
When a company helps the community they do a number of good things and they also help themselves and are able to recruit the very best employees from the community.
Such goodwill and corporate sponsorship locally sends a message that; We Are with You, We Are All in This Together, and We Care.
The question I have for you is; How about your company, are you doing this? If not when; I'd like to challenge you to challenge your company or corporation and the other companies in the community to join together in a common cause to lead by example and set a new tone.
Your company should stand for jobs, economic development and family values.
You may not be able to become one of the top 50 places to work in America, but through positive leadership in the community you will definitely become one of the 50 best places to work in your town or city.
That's worth a lot, as it enhances your brand and community goodwill.
I hope you will consider this as you move forward into the future and understand your company can make a difference in the lives of every citizen that lives locally.
Your company can stand for something and because of that you will stand head and shoulders above the rest.
Think of this.
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