Leadership - A Relationship

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There are born leaders and made leaders, but made leaders are more effective.
What makes a made leader strong is that, he treats leadership as a relationship.
For me, I see leadership as a way to develop camaraderie between the leader and his constituents.
If you wish to know more about good and efficient relationships in leadership, then you should continue to read my article.
A lot of people might say that the existing relationship between the leader and his followers is vertical, where the leader is on the top of his constituents.
For me, I beg to disagree, since leadership for me is another form of companionship, wherein their relationship is horizontal.
The leader equals his followers, while his followers equal the leader.
No one is lower than the other.
I would quote what Nelson Mandela had said in a magazine.
In there, he said that a leader is someone who would place himself in front for others to follow.
In turn, he knows how to place himself at the back to create future leaders.
In such statements released by Mandela, I tend to slightly disagree with him, in a way that I look leadership as companionship.
How does leadership convert into companionship? Through companionship, you build bonds of friendship, wherein we become stronger.
In leadership, the same thing happens.
The leader becomes more empowered while his followers become mightier, in a sense that this relationship of leadership will expose them through the thick and thin of friendship.
The power of people.
Now, imagine a world where everyone is friends with.
It would had been such a good idea if it will stem through the leadership relationships of every country.
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