6 Things You Need To Know If You Want To Be Successful

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Here are six tips used by the guru's, which should also help you in all aspects of your life.

(And I will personally be tackling item number 6 on my list below for myself in just a few weeks time... To see what I mean, make sure you look out for an email from me in a few days time which will explain everything.... You won't want to miss it!)

Here's the list:

1. Dream BIG.

We're all scared little rabbits who are frightened of failure. Imagine what you could do if you knew you could not fail! We take timid little bunny steps, testing the path ahead with our paws. Take a risk! Who cares? You're going to be dead soon, so why not go for it? Nobody, but nobody will remember your mistakes in a few years time so what does it matter? You cannot get away from making mistakes, it is an inherent part of human nature; without them we don't learn anything. So if you're going to make mistakes anyway, you may as well go ahead and make them and stop worrying about it.

Billions of mistakes have been made by people in the last hundred years and at the time each and every mistake caused untold angst, misery and upset, yet were they really all that important? No. People attach the most ridiculous amount of meaning to the silliest things. Stop worrying about what people think.

2. Passion.

Don't bother running a business if you don't have a passion. Passion comes first. Without it you end up running a mediocre, sad little company. Only get involved with things that you feel passionately about. Sell your dream with passion and people will believe in it and support you.

3. Perception Is Reality.

Very important this. People see what they want to see. Dress like a millionaire and people see a millionaire. Dress like a slob, and they see a slob (and treat you accordingly).

4. No Amount Of Money Is Too Much For A Seminar That Changes Your Life.

There are many excellent seminars run by people who 'walk the talk' and you should attend as many as you can possibly afford. The value you will gain is often fifty to a hundred times greater than what you paid for it.

5. Mix With Winners Not Losers.

This is absolutely essential; there is nothing more likely to hold you back than negative people. I have ditched many negative people over the years and boy do you feel a thousand times better for doing it. Just being around negative people will destroy your hopes of becoming wealthy and successful.

Few, so very few people are positive and motivating. Seek them out and cleave to them! Avoid negative, whinging and moaning people. They'll bring you down faster than you realise. Try and talk to rich people, mix with rich people and you stand a good chance of becoming one. Mix with poor, sad losers, who waste all their time watching TV and hanging out with their mates and that is how you will end up. Truth. Don't just walk away from negative people. RUN!

6. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

This means doing things that you wouldn't normally do because they make you feel uncomfortable. For example, if the idea of public speaking makes you feel uncomfortable - find a way of fulfilling this. The sense of achievement you will feel after doing so is worth the initial discomfort a hundred times over. It will also make you question the validity of your fear towards other things that you shy away from doing.
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