A Teacher Will Appear When The Student Is Ready

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I have a question to ask and the question is this: "How much would you be willing to pay in exchange for the shortcut to success?" Say 50 bucks? 100? 1000? Yes, you say? It's not surprising considering the number of Personal Development books appearing on bookshelves these days to cater to our insatiable hunger for self improvement references.
I've read quite a few myself, "The Secret by Rhonda Byrne" being one of them.
But what do all these books that share the secret to achieving success have in common? They talk about role models, a mentor, a coach, someone you could look up to and who's success you can emulate and who's footsteps you can follow through.
He/She is the sifu, sensei, teacher.
Everyone, at some point in their life looks for a teacher who can guide them.
Sure we all have religious beliefs.
Religion and our believe in God exceeds everything else, but we still do require a teacher to help us understand and practise a religion.
A teacher is someone who has walked the path before us.
One who is wise from the accumulations of knowledge, mistakes learned, wisdom gained.
One who can lead the way and show us what is in fact a shortcut to success through his/her own setbacks, tribulations and achievements.
However, if one is in search of a teacher, one may not find THE TEACHER right away.
A teacher is often someone who is sought after.
Therefore making him/her unavailable at your convenience.
Which teacher will show you the way through the passage of your choice? Which teacher is the one who is right for you? More often than not, a teacher will appear most unexpectedly.
You may have searched places and have decided upon who to look up to as your role model but later to your disappointment find that he/she is unsuited or too tide up in other endeavours to spare you his/her precious time.
However, when you feel like giving up your search, don't stop just yet.
Hang in there a while, because a teacher will appear when the student is ready.
For when a student is ready, he/she is eager and at his/her most enthusiastic moment will absorb new knowledge readily, willingly.
He/she will be the ideal student to whom a teacher wouldn't mind pouring his/her resources into.
A student who is easy to mould and is burning with energy and drive.
A brilliant student who the teacher can trust to be his most proud successor.
Someone who can carry the teacher's message and teachings to other generations to come long after the teacher has gone.
Success can be duplicated, that's what books on success tell us.
So what if you still can't find a personal coach/teacher/trainer? Well all secrets to success have already been revealed to us and is readily available in forms of both text and audio.
Look for it, and you will find it.
Follow the blueprints, adjust it according to your circumstances, turn your teacher's success into your own.
Having done that, now it is your turn to become The Teacher.
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