7 natural anxiety relief tips!

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Do you find yourself constantly tense, on edge or worried? Do you experience sudden unexpected attacks of heart-pounding panic? Are you having trouble concentrating all the time? If so, you could be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Here are 7 natural anxiety relief tips that may help you be on your way towards a more enjoyable life!

1. Excercise - Excercising regularly is a great way to help you vent your stress and anxiety. Try excercising for 10 minutes every morning or evening and you'll find yourself with more energy the next day, and even being able to sleep better!

2. Sleep - Nothing is as precious as a great night's sleep, and you shouldn't deprive your own body from that. Getting a good night's sleep the night before will give you energy for the next day at work or school and you'll even notice a mood change in a positive direction.

3. 1 week with no television - Spend a full week away from the television. Watching T.V. fills the mind with negative thoughts and emotions. The media is filled with things like murders, violence, war, and famine. Watching these things after coming home from a stressful work day is no way to end stress!

4. Meditation - This one is a popular natural anxiety relief excercise that helps to clear the mind a help you to focus on your tasks at hand. It should be recommended to any one attempting to reduce stress levels.

5. Being organized - In order to avoid thoughts of procrastination and also a lot of potential problems, this can be considered a preemptive strategy. Whenever we leave something too late, the results can be catastrophic. Shortly afterward panic sets in, and we wouldn't want that would we?

6. Music - Music is a great tool for lifting moods and motivating people. Listen to something that is soft and relaxing to calm your mind. Try to leave out the angry beats and depressing ballads or the opposite could happen.

7. Stretching - Another great natural anxiety relief technique is to stretch, this helps to increase bloodflow to the muscles and helps your body relax. Streching prevents muscles soreness as well. Combine strectching with heavy breathing and you'll be feeling better in no time.

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