Charting a Course and Not Giving Incessant Orders - A Good Sign of Leadership

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In the new paradigm, autocratic, dictatorship leadership is out.
Amazingly enough, the Philosopher King, Democratic and Consensus Builder type leaders are all in.
This does not mean that occasionally there is a place for the Machiavellian Leader, they still exist, and they do quite well in limited areas.
Still, it's not the norm, nor should it be for the modern corporation or large organization.
And in government, it seems to be completely out, except in some military units, where you need a leader with bass balls.
Leaders these days should not spend as much time telling people what to do or how to do it.
There are trainers, consultants, and policies for such things.
Rather, a leader must chart a course, get everyone on the same page and then focus on the mission statement, goals, and objectives.
Giving the team and employees incessant orders, commands, demands or directions, just doesn't cut it anymore.
A good leader in the present period needs to consider all this and understand that a visionary leader, lets people "buy-in" to the vision.
A true leader these days uses diplomacy; the art of letting people get your way.
And that way is the shortest distance to the goal line, the most efficient path, using the most productive methods.
A lot has changed in the way that we do things in America, indeed, it is changing all over the planet.
If you are going to lead humans into the future, you are going to have to understand how a good leader conducts themselves and operates otherwise; you are out and someone else is in.
So, think on this.
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