The Spring Closet Fling!

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I go through my closet twice a year - once in the spring and once in the fall and have been doing this for a long time.
So, I was quite surprised how much I donated from my Spring Closet Fling right before Easter! And here is the reason why - both my daughters were coming home for Easter and they are my fantastic clothing consultants.
Talk about two people who are brutally honest! Since I wanted to have them help me shop for some spring clothing I really wanted to clear out what I wasn't wearing and didn't like so I could make some wiser shopping choices.
I decided to share the process with you! Step 1: Take everything out - and I mean everything.
Here is where you'll wish you had never heard of me! Yes, when you organize, things get worse before they get better.
You need to trust the process and trust me! Step 2: The hard part.
Start going through every shoe, every blouse, every pant...
you get the idea.
Take a hard look at your clothes.
My guideline is if you feel depressed, tired, or ugly when you put the garment on - out it goes.
You're never going to wear it anyway and someone else will absolutely love it! This means you need to try things on.
I can just hear you groaning in despair! You're groaning because you know that some of the clothes are not going to fit and this is not a good feeling.
This is exactly why you need to try everything on.
If it doesn't fit IT DOES NOT go back in your closet.
If you're not ready to part with it (for whatever reason) put it in a storage container with a year from now marked on the lid.
If you haven't opened that box in a year maybe that will be the permission you need to give it to someone who can wear it right now.
Supplies: Black garbage bags (I hope you know why I say 'black!) for throw Bags or boxes for donations Box for clothes that can be altered to fit Box marked "Take to Another Area" Nice hangers Clear shoe-box size bins As you're going through the clothes put them in the appropriate bags and boxes.
If you find things that you want to keep but don't belong in your closet resist the urge to go put them away somewhere else in the house right now (you can do that later!).
If you leave the bedroom I will lose you! Step 3: The fun part.
What is left in your bedroom now belongs in your closet and you get to start putting things away.
Hang up your clothes and put them back by category: Blouses, pants, jeans, skirts, jackets, etc.
In each category hang your clothes by color - lights to dark.
You can now see at a glance how many white blouses you have and know that next time there's a killer sale on white blouses that you don't need any! Use the small clear bins for hosiery, small purses, belts, scarves, out-of-season shoes, etc.
Step 4: Pat yourself on the back! You've done it! Your closet looks fantastic.
But more importantly, you'll feel incredible! You can now get dressed every morning - not stressed.
Step 5: Take the bags/boxes out of your room right away, throw the trash out, bring your alterations to your wonderful alteration person, and take the donations away that day.
Fearless Organizing Assignment: 1.
Set a date in your calendar to organize your closet 2.
Get all the supplies that you need 3.
On the date you picked in #1 organize your closet and be strong!! 4.
Give yourself a great reward when you're done! 5.
My reward was a shopping day with my awesome daughters!
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