What Is God"s Message?

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God is your defense.
He is your strong tower.
He will expose your enemies.
Everything will come to the open before your very eyes.
God is the avenger of all such.
He will bring glory to those who stay with the truth but unto those who walk in deception, contempt and shame.
Don't seek to defend or justify or avenge yourself.
God is your strong tower.
No man can bring you joy like the Spirit can.
Learn to depend on the Holy Ghost.
Trust in him.
Rely on him and he will bring you to the place of your highest dreams.
No man can receive anything except it is given to him from above.
Your joy and your success in life are in his hands.
Those who look out for your downfall will be disappointed.
The Lord will justify you.
He will lift you on high.
He will take you to where he wants to take you.
Only trust in him.
Those who wish you evil and look on you lightly will be disappointed.
Only learn to hearken to his voice and do his word.
There is power in his word.
He said to David, ''I will not leave my servant David until I have performed all that i spoke concerning him''.
Be goal driven.
Never allow the promises and prophecies of God out of your sight.
You are blessed.
You are favored.
Your ways are the ways of blessedness.
All of the forces of darkness that have been harnessed against you shall all come to naught.
You will prevail over the forces of darkness because i have made you more than a conqueror.
Remember my words, '' Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all''.
God will deliver you.
God will vindicate you in spite of all your imperfections.
In spite of all your mistakes both past and present.
He will bring his word to pass in your life.
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