Hidden Stress in Your Environment

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Your environment stresses you all the time without your even knowing what is happening.
Most of the stress in your life results from events and situations that you know bother you.
Sometimes, though, the source of great stress is not in your awareness at all.
Even though it surrounds you, sometimes 24/7, you have no clue how much it impacts your health and well being.
What could surround you, stress you out yet not be in your awareness? Your physical environment.
Chances are that you do not live in a sense-deprivation tank (thank goodness).
So the sounds, smells, sights, textures and flavors that touch your life every moment, desired or not, drain your energy.
What's more, if you use chemical products to clean your home or yard you further assault your body both physical and mentally.
But wait, there's still more.
What you use on your own body - toothpaste, your tooth brush and hair brush, your soap and shampoo, the shaving cream - even the toilet paper you choose to use - all impact your health.
Oh yes, and remember cosmetics and hair and nail color - most of which are manmade formulas foreign to your body and skin.
Do you really believe that using something on your skin means it stays on your skin and never penetrates inside your body? If you think that could be true than how do you explain perspiration as a cooling device of your body.
What is inside gets out AND what is outside gets in.
So next time you shop for products that will be in your home or on you remember only buy products whose ingredients you could safely eat because those are the only safe ingredients to put on your skin.
What about the chemicals in the house cleaners, the furniture, the paint, the furniture, etc? Those chemicals also assault your well being.
You inhale them - even if they do not give off a noticeable scent or odor.
And those that do smell up the place (supposedly to relax or please you) often come from chemicals to dangerous to inhale.
Learn how to read labels and what the ingredients are.
You probably also want to learn the many names the dangerous chemicals go by to trick consumers into buying them.
Remember the clothes you wear also impact your health as they come in contact with you for hours at a time.
Be sure you wear fibers that allow your skin to breathe out toxins and breathe in pure clean air.
Finally, remember the sights and sounds in your environment constantly stimulate your eyes, ears, nose, sense of touch and taste.
Four billion bits of information feed into your senses every minute.
No wonder you have trouble staying clear and calm.
You do not even know you are processing all that info.
Give your body, mind and spirit a break every few hours by going some place quiet and peaceful where you can just sit and be.
There's nothing special to get and nothing that needs doing in those moments.
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