How Do You Uncover Your Life Purpose?

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Uncovering your life purpose can feel like a monumental task.
It seems like such a mystery, so intangible and elusive.
Here are some simple questions to trigger your thinking and to give you access to what really makes your tummy tingle-to connect you with the wonderful possibilities knowing your life purpose brings.
Take time to ponder each question and write down your answers.
What do you love to do? Think about this.
What is it you absolutely LOVE to do? In fact, you love it so much you would even pay somebody else to let you to do it! What would have you leap out of bed in the morning to go and do that? What would you do if money wasn't an issue? Very often you find yourself "doing something" for the money that it brings you so that you can maintain your standard of living.
But what if money wasn't an issue? If someone handed you a check for more money than you could ever possibly need, what would you being doing then? Answer this question and you may be surprised at what you come up with.
It may have nothing to do with what you're currently doing...
What do you do for fun? Make a list of everything that you do for fun.
Don't skip anything from the smallest to the absolute biggest things in your life.
When you have extra time, what do you do for fun? There's nothing too small or too silly.
Is it sitting in your garden watching a butterfly? Or sailing down the Nile? Perhaps climbing Mount Everest? Or having a dinner party for some friends? What is it that you do for fun? Ah, here's a wonderful question...
What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? How often do you find yourself holding back in life--not going for something because of fear of failing? What would you do if you had absolute certainty that you couldn't possibly fail? What would you find the courage to do? Notice that when you even think about this question, doesn't it make your tummy tingle with excitement? Imagine taking on something extraordinary...
Something that, up until now, you haven't dared to even thinking about, let alone do! How do you uncover your life purpose? Here are the steps: - Take time to ponder each of these yummy questions.
- Write down your answers-in words, phrases or sentences to capture your thoughts.
- Notice the recurring themes and the responses that catch your eye and your heart-that touch, move and inspire you.
- Distill your list until you have a simple and clear expression of your life purpose What do people notice about you? What do people acknowledge you for? What do they give you compliments about? What is it about you that people notice? Usually these are positive things! What's interesting about them is that day to day you might not notice them about yourself.
What brings you joy? What is it that lights you up? What excites you? What brings a huge smile to your heart and to your being? These are the things that inspire you even when there are challenges in life.
Also, another great idea would be to give yourself permission, as you go through the process of answering all these questions to uncover your life purpose, to thoroughly enjoy the process! How could you make a difference in the world? Think about all the ways that you could be out there in the world making a difference.
Again, it doesn't matter whether it's something small or global.
What matters is that it's something you're passionate about.
What is it that touches your heart? What group of people or issue has you wanting to actually do something about it? Is it a social injustice or an event that's happening in the world? There are TONS of issues in the world that need helping hands.
Which resonates with you the most? And finally, Who do you want to be? This is a powerful question, because it speaks to 'Who do you aspire to be?' If you could become that, you would be incredibly fulfilled.
Who do you strive to be? Who do you want to be--in your family, in your community, in your country, in the world? As you answer all of the questions, make a list of words, phrases, and sentences, whatever comes to mind.
Be wonderfully messy! However you do it is perfect.
Once you have done so, review all your answers and notice what stands out to you about yourself.
Very likely you'll see some themes showing up, and some phrases that really touch your heart-you'll inspire yourself by your very own words! THIS is your true purpose! When you feel that emotional connection with your own words, you'll be well on your way to uncovering your life purpose!
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