How to Improve Your Health by Knowing What is Stressing You Out

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Although it is common knowledge that stress is a major contributor to bad health, knowing what to do to change the stress in your life is hard.
You may be looking at the next few weeks thinking you will never get everything done.
You are probably right.
If you assigned a time segment to each task or responsibility you have it might be that there truly are not enough hours in the day to complete everything.
You feel anxiety but do you know what this is actually doing to your health? When your body signals you with feelings of anxiety it is telling you that you are dangerously close to depleting your energy reserves.
It is telling you to slow down.
You would be wise to listen and begin to identify what is stressing you out.
Identifying stress •Having the feeling of never having enough time no matter how well organized you are.
•Feeling that you do not have enough time to do a task properly and later having feelings of anxiety over this.
•Feeling resentful, yet guilty, over the amount of tasks/responsibilities you have agreed to take on.
•Exhibiting physical signs you are stressed out; anger, illness or depression.
Decide what is really important •Over the next week, which tasks/events are truly important for you to do your self? •Are there any that can be delegated or even eliminated? •Are you putting your "to do" list ahead of your own health, be honest.
•Do you agree to do things that you really do not want, or have time, to do? It is important for you to begin to know what is stressing you as well as owning your own part in causing this stress in your life.
Stress will affect your health, if not today then at some point in the future.
Hidden ways that stress affects your health •Not getting enough sleep.
Sleep deprivation is epidemic and millions of us suffer from it.
•Poor diet.
Eating on the run often means eating whatever is handy and that is usually not something that is good for us.
•Lack of exercise.
Often, caring for our own bodies will be one of the first things we ignore when we have too much to do.
This is when a person who is experiencing too much stress engages in behaviors to make them selves feel better temporarily.
This could be alcohol abuse or other substances.
This type of coping mechanism often leads to very real health problems both physical and mental.
By taking the time to know what stresses you and also how you have contributed to this, you can begin to take control.
You can become a healthier person both physically and mentally.
You can begin to enjoy your life again and actually look forward to tomorrow!
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