True Leaders Must Listen To, And Follow Their GUT

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Never consider someone a leader if he has not undergone significant training, that has led to learning, knowledge, and judgement, and permits him to utilize meaningful wisdom in a timely and expert manner.
When leaders have successfully undergone this process, they develop the self confidence to listen to what their GUT tells them to do, and do so without procrasting or deblitating delay and fear.
We have often observed individuals in both life and in movies and television, discuss the reason that they take some specific course of action, and as the fictional but infamous Gibbs from the television serious N.
often explains, he listened to his gut.
So, exactly what are the components of this feeling and/ or impulse? 1.
Those listening to this component of their inner consciousness must fully identify and care about their personal objectives, and goals, especially as those impact both what they deem important, but also the needs of their constituents and how they should proceed.
This is rarely significant enough unless it aligns directly with their inherent generosity, in terms of how it guides their perspectives and viewpoints.
Ideally, this must be directed towards an overriding effort for achieving greatness.
Far too often, individuals in positions of leadership merely proceed from case to case, and situation to situation, without focusing on what they are trying to accomplish, and how it aligns with important goals.
It depends on comprehensive understanding of all essential and relevant factors, and how every action or inaction will impact things (in other words, what are the potential ramifications of taking timely action versus, especially, the all - too - often course taken of procrastination?).
Great leaders realize it is not enough to merely present an idea or possible solution, but rather only present viable alternatives that have been vetted thoroughly in terms of their usefulness.
Never seek solutions from someone who merely plays follow the leader and repeats/ rehashes worn concepts, but puts his own personal touch and nuance into the solution in an unique manner.
Those who desire to feel comfortable enough with themselves to trust their gut, must develop enough confidence and ability to proceed in a timely manner.
They must abide by absolute trustworthiness, that addresses a consistent and important theme that is service oriented.
Ask that leader if he is willing and able to test his limits to his maximum potential! It's not enough to merely talk about your gut.
Rather, it must be so internally meaningful that it helps formulate your opinions, decisions, direction and intents.
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