Mentoring - Unlocking the Door to Success

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How many of you have a phenomenal dream of success, a hope, a vision to live an amazing life.
If that's you then quietly inside your spirit say that's me! How many of you have had set backs in achieving that dream? If that's you then say, that's me! How many of you have still continued the journey, even though there are times that it may have made more sense to give up? If that you, then say that's me! Guess what, you're not alone.
Here's the good news.
The fact that you continue to persevere is a clear sign of a critical building block to achieving the goal.
Embedded within your character is the spirit of determination.
All too often we search for the secrets to success while the entire time the answers are staring right in the face.
Sometimes we can't see the perseverance, the determination, and the actions that lead to results.
Sometimes the process begins to seem a little long, a little tiring, and the road a bit cloudy.
Then in a moment of clarity we realize there were answers to the questions, the obstacle was making the phone call.
We realize that if we had held the conversation the clarity would have come faster.
We realize that the steps to success were in the book we didn't make time to read or the article we didn't finish.
The answers were there the entire time.
The fact that we live in a world full of wisdom does not guarantee an easy road or a shorter process.
Wisdom does give us the navigational tools we need to take our hopes and dreams to the next level.
What I have come to learn is that residing within the people that are in my life are jewels of knowledge.
Why, because they made the journey before me.
As a young woman, I had amazing people in my life that assisted me in navigating an unknown land, access to a college education, teaching in a private school, working for college presidents, all unheard of in our family legacy.
Yet time and time again individuals came into my life with the necessary wisdom to assist in the journey.
Starting my own business, while I moved forward with exhilaration and determination, the truth is I didn't know what an invoice was.
Now, as I write this, I publish a newspaper, own a magazine, host a radio show and provide training to people across the nation.
This all happened because of the willingness of others to share their wisdom.
As the journey continues, one critical building block is crystal clear we must build relationships with people who are keepers of knowledge.
Access to knowledge is the key to freedom.
As I look back over my life I now know that wise consul, that advice, the willingness to share information was actually the process of mentoring.
What a powerful word, Mentoring.
Yet in my daily work I meet people that have no idea how to access the knowledge they desire, the knowledge that can change their lives.
We all define success in our own unique way.
For some it may be learning to speak Spanish, learning martial arts, starting a business, gardening, internet marketing or achieving wealth.
However, you may define success in your life, trust me mentorship is key to opening the door.
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