Law of Attraction - Haggles, Bargain or Negotiate?

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The law responds to you from the viewpoint on your consciousness and where it is focused.
Whether that focus is of benevolent thoughts or impure ones, the law responds matching those thoughts accordingly.
Everyone is on equal footing, for it is your thoughts that create your reality.
Yes, there is a social, ethnic, and cultural consciousness which is tied to a core basic belief system, but the Law of Attraction doesn't take any of that into consideration with no exceptions.
So, be compelled to free yourself from any beliefs that have you stuck in a life of unhappiness, feeling unsuccessful, unworthy and unhealthy.
Now, if you can wrap your mind around that concept, then you will understand the dynamics of the law at work when you observe good people depressed, confused, getting in to accidents and suffering from diseases.
It is because they have somehow attracted that experience/situation into their lives directly or by default.
Default attraction is denned as failure to perform or not being consciously aware of the negative/non-positive choices you are making.
You may be thinking, "Oh, this can't be true, precisely what are you saying?" I know this may sound a little extreme but you will only receive the earthly equivalent of what you are vibrating no more and no less.
Universal laws are not man-made laws.
There is no one in the heavens judging the outcome of any experiences and neither is there anyone telling you what to think or when to think it.
What we experience here on earth is an accumulation of man-made laws, morals, and religious concepts that the majority of us have agreed upon.
The Law of Attraction, being a ubiquitous spiritual law, will in no way be regulated, compromised or adjudicated in a courtroom.
The bottom line is that people who interact in toxic environments will sooner or later pull onto them the toxicity.
Therefore, the disease whether or not it is just mental, can be passed on to anyone with whom the person comes into direct contact.
Which then starts to pollute the observer's (co-worker, lover, spouse, friend) thoughts and comfort zone beyond their ability to think only healthy positive thoughts.
No one walks around proclaiming they are in favor of diseases or an accident, but it is their polluted, chaotic thoughts that marinate in their mind and slowly seep into the body.
As these negative thoughts systematically take hold within the human body, they have the ability to cause emotional and physical collapse (ergo stress, anxiety, and depression).
The best way to rid yourself of all unhealthy thoughts is to never talk about or entertain in your mind lack, limitations, inadequacies, sickness, illness, unworthiness, not having enough, or being inept, and recognize that negative thoughts like greed, jealousy, and envy are powerful social diseases that may manifest in physical form if not curtailed.
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