How to Hypnotize Someone to Do Whatever You Want

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If you want to find out how to hypnotize someone to do whatever you want, then this article is made for you.
It is an amazing skill to master, and it will prove valuable to you in all kinds of situations.
One of the first things you want to know about the art and science of hypnosis is that a lot of it is being in the right kind of mindset.
You must thoroughly believe that you are able to hypnotically persuade and influence other people.
Otherwise, if you feel insecure and let your insecurities and doubts show, the other person won't trust in your abilities either and that will undermine your authority.
It is also important that you always create the illusion of choice.
So do not use direct commands to hypnotize someone, but rather offer them a range of choices, so that they feel they are the one who is in charge, because they decide.
When in reality, it is you who determined which options are available to them - and all of them are a choice that you want.
For example, you can say: "You can leave your eyes open or close them, it really doesn't matter as long as you remain focused on the words I speak, or even the words that you speak to yourself in your mind while you listen to me.
" Either way, with their eyes closed or open, focused on your words or their internal dialogue - they keep listening to you.
Another thing you might have noticed about the previous sentence is that it is a rather long sentence.
It is almost too much.
But that is by design too.
Because another method to hypnotize someone to do whatever you want is to overload their conscious processing ability.
We human beings are only capable of consciously processing around 5 to 9 units of information at any given time - any more than that, and it will be processed by our subconscious mind, passing our critical thinking filter.
That is also where another hypnotic technique comes in: stacked presuppositions.
You probably know what a presupposition is.
For example, when I tell you: "After you have finished reading this article, you might decide that hypnosis really isn't for you, or you might decide to learn more about it.
" What is the presupposition of that sentence? The presupposition is that you will have finished reading this article.
Now, of course you can always reject presuppositions.
That's why you want to stack several of them on top of each other, until you overload the subjects conscious processing capacity and their subconscious just begins accepting presuppositions.
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