Write to eliminate anxiety

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Anxiety, excessive worrying, is the symptoms when we're stressed. In general, these symptoms can occur when you deal with important events such as exams or job interviews. There are easy ways to overcome this is by writing.

Research has shown that writing a few things that can cause anxiety is very effective to clear the mind and helps you to better focus on the challenges you will face. This technique has been shown to improve the skills of students by 20 percent when compared with students who are not doing anything at the time seized with anxiety.

When someone is anxious is usually the person will spend the energy that could be used for other tasks. Through writing the things that worried about someone's feelings can be reduced.

Prof.Beilock previously had done research that shows that a stressful situation can leave the brain that processes the power that is referred to as working memory.

Working memory is a temporary place in the outer layer of the brain and becomes a kind of notepad that can make someone work on information relating to the task at hand. However, this notepad can also be filled with things that are worrying. As a result, we can lose brain power.

By writing the things that make us feel anxious, in addition to anxiety would be reduced, confidence is also much improved? Writing activities will also win strengthens the brain and mental balance. This was demonstrated in experiments conducted Beilock to 20 students. Technical writing anxiety can improve your performance in the face of stressful situations such as presentations, job interview or an exam.
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