The Secret to Learn Covert Hypnosis

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If you want to learn covert hypnosis, then there are a few things you will need to be mindful of.
Covert hypnosis is a field that is quite unique to any other field within hypnosis.
It works by discreetly hypnotising people outside of their conscious awareness, and thus they will not be aware of any suggestions you are planting within them.
The difficulty with this is that you must perform hypnosis on people in such a way so that you will not arouse any suspicion within them.
If you do arouse suspicion, then your suggestions won't work, as the person will be able to consciously recognise the suggestions, when you want them to only subconsciously recognise them.
The trick to overcoming this is to make sure that your suggestions will not be consciously registered by the person, or subject, that you're performing covert hypnosis on.
This is easier said that done until you get practice, but here are a few things you will want to be mindful of.
First of all, you want to make sure that you don't pause when you're planting any anchors within a person, or change your tonality too much, or give any obvious indication as to what you are doing.
Let's say had a conversation with someone that went as follows - "And sometimes I think it's good to just let yourself go naturally, and just feel that intimacy with a person you really like, even if they're right in front of you and you only just met them".
You may want to anchor the keyword 'intimacy' to an emotional state of togetherness, and a feeling of love of some form.
Let's say you wanted to plant this anchor by gently tapping the person on their shoulder.
If you said the sentence and then paused when you said the word 'intimacy' whilst tapping them on the shoulder, then this would consciously draw the person's attention to that particular word, as well as you tapping them, and you don't want this since it will stand out.
You should instead make the conversation flow naturally, tapping the person on the shoulder when you say the word 'intimacy' in order to plant the anchor, whilst continuing the conversation in a perfectly natural manner.
This will mean the person will subconsciously register the association of you tapping them on the shoulder with the word 'intimacy' without giving it any conscious thought.
This is an area where many new practitioners of covert hypnosis make mistakes, they plant anchors but do so obviously.
Make the planting of your anchors as discreet as possible, and you will notice more positive results.
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