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How Is Food Related to Chemistry?

Atoms and combinations of atoms make up all substances, including food. Chemistry studies how atoms interact with each other and the changes that occur when that happens. When you heat food, freeze it, mix it and store it, you are making changes to the atoms in food, and that all boils down to chemi

Know more about ovarian cyst and endometriosis

Woman body differs from a man's body. Life process system of woman differs from man's system. It is more complicated. Sometimes these complications make them suffer with some serious

20 Best Cancer Fighting Foods

Maintaining a good health by eating nutritious food high in anti oxidants can prevent cancer. Here I list some of the best foods to prevent cancer.

CA-125: A Biomarker Put to the Test

CA-125 is a large transmembrane protein that ovarian and other cancer cells shed, but how should the blood test be used in cancer screening?

The Facts about Bone Cancer

Bone cancer, also known as primary bone cancer, is a form of cancer that develops in hard bone tissues and sometimes in the cartilage tissues of the bone. Primary bone cancer can develop in any ...

Illnesses Cause by Air Pollution

Clean air is a prime precondition of our shape. However, most of the people in United States and other urban countries bear from exposure too many air pollutants that put our fitness at stake. Air pol