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How to Conceive a Girl - Having a Daughter is Pretty Easy!

Do you want to have a baby girl and you want to make sure that you conceive a girl?Are you ready to have the daughter you always wanted?There are ways to discover how to conceive a girl and there are ways that you can use to help get you the daughter you want.Here are some tips to help you out.

Reasons for Mid-Cycle Spotting

Spotting in between periods happens to most women at some time.think about myself image by Frenk_Danielle Kaufmann from Fotolia.comIrregular periods and spotting in between periods is not as abnormal as you might think. Most women experience spotting at one time or another in their lives,...

Top 7 Ways of Guessing Baby Gender

As soon as you give the good news to your friends or loved ones, they immediately start guessing the gender of your baby. Being a prospective mommy you too are curious and want to know ...

Breastfeeding in Comfort and in Style

Choosing the right undergarments or clothes may be trickier than breastfeeding because you have to choose the right fit and your preferred style. Find the best style and design that works for you.

Egg Donations to Help Infertility

Women with fertility problems do have a few options if they really want to get pregnant. One of these options is egg donation. With this process, a women who does not ovulate or has unhealthy eggs can still carry a baby. On the other end of the process is the woman who decides to donate her egg to a

3 Keys to Preventing Stretch Mark Scars During Pregnancy!

Most women experience stretch marks to some extent during and after pregnancy, so it's absolutely vital to take preventative measures as early as possible if you want to keep your healthy looking skin. Follow all 3 of these tips and you'll be well on your way to preventing stretch marks!

Stress Causes Infertility

This article summarize what stress is and it tells you how to get it out of your life so you can get pregnant. Managing stress in your life boosts your fertility and helps keep your hormones balanced.

Preparing Your Pet for Baby

If you've already got a furry baby or pet at home, here are some tips to ease the transition from pets to pets and baby.

Finding The Best Stretch Mark Cream

If you were to survey thousands of new moms about the biggest downside to having a baby, most of them will say that getting stretch marks is the worst. Those ugly red lines just seem ...

Perils of Unpregnancy

I never thought about being not pregnant before I had my daughter, because I got pregnant in our first month of trying. I might or might not have deluded myself into thinking I was highly fertile.