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Sensitive Acne Prone Skin - Friends & Foes

Except in rare cases, almost everyone is born as a baby with flawless skin. Although people always compliment that I have almost flawless skin, I know it takes effort because I have very sensitive skin. In this series of articles, I shall share my tips on caring for sensitive acne prone skin.

Top Three Secrets to Get Rid of Cellulite

Before you even begin the process of eliminating Cellulite, there are some basic info you need to know before undergoing this process. If you don't know what cellulite is aside from making your skin ugly, Cellulite is body fats that didn't placed itself well under the skin therefore distor

Face Creams That Keep Things Natural

Concerned with Global Warming? Lack of recycling? If you are trying to keep things basic and pure, then you want your face cream to be as all natural as possible. Going to the department stores ...

Phytessence Wakame - The Japanese Skincare Miracle

One of the latest and greatest of all natural ingredients being used in skincare products hails from Japan.This brown sea kelp is officially known as Phytessence Wakame, which has been proven to be one of the most effective and safe ingredients for the skin known.

Skin Tag Removal - Natural Or Clinical

What exactly are skin tags, and what is the best method for skin tag removal - natural or clinical removal? Skin tags are those odd little skin growths that may be shaped like a piece of cauliflower and can grow in the strangest parts of your body. Faces, necks, under arms, and for the ladies, these

Taking Control With Wrinkle Repair

Smart people try to prevent wrinkles before they appear. However, for some, the damage is already done and it is too late for the prevention part. However, while they are small, you can begin wrinkle repair. While things like quitting smoking and staying out of the sun's dangerous rays will hel

Stretch Marks Causes

What are Stretch Marks, Stretch Marks Causes, Stretch Marks Risk Factor Revealed

Treatment of How to Get Rid of Sunspots

Bush on the skin friction such that particulates, among others, a suction device under the skin with sand are passed into the skin, such as cream with processes that use crystal microdermabrasion, there are a ...

What Is Soap and Why Choose Natural Soap?

We all (well, hopefully all of us) use soap every day, but we rarely take time to think what soap really is. Chemistry tells us that soap is a salt of a fatty acid. To put it in simpler terms, soap is the product of a strong alkaline solution, such as Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), with animal or vegetable

Curing the Cellulite and Other Skin Problems

Cellulite is a problem from which a lot of people have been surrounded these days. Cellulites are basically the extra fat deposits that appear on random places on the body making it look frumpy. There ...

Eye Serums Belong in Your Golf Bag

This article is for golfers.Most golfers I know live in States where the sun is always shining.It's important for golfers to take care of their skin just like any other person who is out in the sun.

Dry Skin Care - How to Improve Your Skin

Dry skin can cause an uncomfortable feeling and is usually unattractive, thus people with dry skin our looking for solutions to their problem. Dry skin is typically not a serious health problem, however it changes healthy skin cells into withered cells and often produces wrinkles. Some people have s

How Best to Get Your New Tattoos Removed

The proud wearer of a new tattoo isn't as a rule the person you expect will be flat out keen on getting their skin clear again of decoration in a hurry. But alas that happens. ...