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The Food Pyramid Guide - Why is it So Important to You and Your Family

The food pyramid guide will help you to grasp the guidelines set out by the US Government and give you the straight up real deal about the four food groups in the food pyramid guide and a heart smart healthy diet.Beginning in 1988 the Government created a graphic depiction of what was considered the

Slash Cholesterol with Tofu

An important source of protein in delicious Asian cuisine, tofu has become very popular in the U.S., where it can now be found in most supermarkets. Tofu is bean curd, made by adding a mineral salt (usually, calcium sulfate) and water to a soybean mash.

Secrets to Naturally Control Your Heartburn

Did you realise that even something as simple as a vitamin D deficiency can be the cause of heartburn? There's obviously many causes but a lack of vitamin D is very common, especially in the northern states of the USA due to the long winters. Have a look at this info and see if it helps you con

4 Fantastic Fibre Benefits

Fibre is a type of carbohydrate that contains no calories, no vitamins and cannot be digested by humans. Despite this it is often touted for its health benefits. In this article I am going to be discussing four of the main fibre benefits in greater detail.

10 Ways To Stay Hydrated in the summer

Dehydration is a common issue for people who go about their daily activities and its effects can persist and worsen with time, especially in the hot summer days. Fed up with drinking so much water ...

Turmeric: A Medicine in Your Spice Rack

Is there anything turmeric can't help with? Probably. But one thing is certain: using turmeric in your cooking can only do your health a great deal of good.

Are Health Food Stores That Healthy?

If you're like more and more Americans, you're trying your hardest to improve your health and wellness. That's a great step in the right direction. A lot of people think that by shopping at their local health food store they can make grand strides. But is a health food store all it&ap

Determine the Nutritional Value of Food

Determine the nutritional value of the food you eat will allow you to better understand what includes these foods. There are two different ways to determine the exact nutritional value of your food."/

Nutrition For People with Radiation Poison

Following a proper nutrition plan is important for people with Radiation damage. According to the health care experts, it is suggested to have a meal rich in B-vitamins, calcium, and iron. Calcium and

Low Calorie Chocolates - A good Alternative

There are chocolates that are sugar free and obtainable in chocolate bars, truffles and packaged boxes of confections. Top chocolate manufacturer suchlike Whey chocolate provides low calories chocolat

Fiber It Up!

Let's talk some fiber; many get confused when it comes to fiber. What is dietary fiber exactly? How much do I need to have each day? Why do I get constipated when having fiber? Why is fiber important? These are just some of the basic questions we tend to get asked about fiber. So here we go lad

Can I Receive All My Protein in One Daily Amount?

With so many grams of protein that you need to have in your daily intake who honestly would not want to get it over with? There are different views over the subject of consuming all of your protein in one sitting, but almost everything that has to do with fitness will come with different recommendat

Acai Berry, The Jewel Of The Amazon

The acai berry has taken the health food industry by storm. Find out the truth about the health benefits of this jewel of the amazon rain forest.

Nutrition Can Affect Your Hair - For Better or Worse

"What you eat is what you get" is true for overall physical and mental health, especially your hair. Just as your skin loses its glow on account of poor health, your hair also loses its shine and becomes dull and lifeless, if it does not get adequate nutrition for its growth. Graying hair

Find Snack Alternatives to Chocolate

Chocolate is a very tasty, but unhealthy snack option. It's important for teachers, coaches, and parents to encourage children, students and athletes to find healthy snack alternatives in school and at home.

Juice pH and Why the Right Alkaline-Acid Levels Are So Important

pH (potential of hydrogen) is a measure of how acid or alkaline a solution is, 7.0 to 7.5 is the narrow range your body's acid and alkaline levels need to be in for reasonable health and in the range of 7.35 to 7.45 for best health. In fact you don't need to go too far outside the 7.0 to 7

Some Fats Are Good - Don't Avoid These Super Healthy Fats

The word 'fat' has a negative connotation in society. It's not a good word at all. Which is probably why a lot of people avoid it in their diets like the plague. Avoiding some fats like trans fats and saturated fats is a good thing. Avoiding good healthy fats is not a good thing.