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Get What You Want - Using the Power of Your Mind

We are all just a decision away from being happy or unhappy. We can get what we want if we have clarity and a burning desire mixed with emotion. Yes, as the saying goes, it truly is "all in the mind".

Success Or Failure?

There are 24 hours and a total of 1,440 in every day. Successful people just seem to get a lot more done in a day than unsuccessful people. The main reason is successful people keep the main thing the main thing.

How to beat the physical graffiti!

Do you remember your mother saying, 'Pick up your clothes (or books, or toys, or....)? The funny thing is, a modified version of the same philosophy - 'Put it away as you go' - applies ...

Studies: Hypnotherapy Can Help With Anxiety

Although hypnotherapy still has a lot of gray areas, there is no doubt that it works very well on humans. Since it works in the psyche, there aren't really any tangible results observed at once. Changes in behavior and mood patterns can only be established after repeat tests conducted over a pr

What Are the Signs of an Alcoholic

Alcoholism and drug addiction affects thousands of people from every corner of the world and is a life threatening illness if the person suffering from this does not find recovery. There has been much written on this subject and there are many differing opinions about recovery.

What Is the Feeling of Anxiety, and Why Do I Panic?

Panic and anxiety related problems are not due to a disease or created in our genome, nor is it a mental illness or a chemical imbalance. It is a natural body defense from within that with the knowhow and practice it can be controlled and the extreme feelings cured.

Hold Yourself Accountable 2012 Series

In this, my first 2012 post, I will reflect on some of my goals I had for 2011, the met ones and the not so well ones as well. I will share with you some of my 2012 goals and also strategies for you to set your goals if you haven't done so yet.

5 Ways To Find Inspiration In Nature

If you're looking for inspiration, go outside. Nature is full of wondrous things to inspire you. Here are 5 ways to find inspiration in nature:

Trapped by Excuses

Risk terrifies the faint of heart and inspires the entrepreneurial spirit. The motto of the "Don't Dare Try It" people according to John Maxwell in his book "Failing Forward" reads "I would rather try nothing great and succeed than try something great and risk failure.&

Go For the Gold - Habits to Build Your Confidence and Courage!

Habits are routines of behaviour that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously, without directly thinking consciously about them. Habits are necessary in life. They help us maintain routine and order. Habits are not necessarily good or bad - it depends on the goal that you have set. I

How to Improve Your Communication Skills

Good communication skills play a very important role in achieving success both at personal and professional fronts. If you find it difficult to communicate with others or feel nervous while exchanging words with people, chances ...

Masterful Time Management

Would you like an extra hour or two in your life per day?Learn the secrets of the top time managers in the world today and use their strategies to free up more time.

Gain Control of How You React to Events in Your Life

Control is something we all want. People want to control other people, situations and events - to name a few. In reality though, the only thing you can actually truly control is you - to be more precise, your thoughts.

Breatharianism - A Life Without Food

"Say what - a life without food!?" you might ask. After all, who would be so stupid and willingly choose a life without food when millions of people die of hunger and thirst each and every year? And why would we seemingly go against nature when our bodies are formed to ingest, enjoy and sa

What is the Connection Between Self Esteem and Depression?

Negative self esteem, low levels of self confidence, and a poor self image all go together. Do these things sound familiar to you? In this article we focus on guidelines to help you cope with your self esteem problems. You can also use this information to help a loved one cope with self esteem issue