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Personal Development: Perfectionism Vs. Optimalism

Contrary to popular belief, perfectionism is based on the fear of failure, not the love of success. In fact, perfectionism rejects success by nature, setting up a massive roadblock in the path toward personal development. ...

Develop Mental Control Using Lucid Dreaming and Intention Setting

The daily grind can become stressful and even overwhelm our ability to function. At times like this, our mind is consumed by fear, self-doubt, and worry, leaving us no room to enjoy life. Wouldn't it be nice to have the luxury of leaving all the problems at the office? Imagine spending evenings

More Than Just a Trick - The Power of Self Hypnosis

As we now settle into the 21st Century we see more and more uses of hypnosis as a medical tool. It is a long time since we associated hypnosis with a white bearded man or a stage entertainer. Although stage hypnotism is still very popular, and entertaining, hypnosis and self hypnosis are much more m

FAQ of reaching your goals

When it comes to reaching your goals and getting the best results in the pursuit of your dreams there are always a lot of people who get confused and have a lot of practical questions. ...

Home Organization - 3 Things You Must Stop Doing If You Want to Get Organized

If you want to get organized that can be a great and admirable task to undertake. Your life becomes a lot less stressful when the things around you are organized. Just imagine everything in your home having a place, everything being in that place and you knowing where everything is. What a great tho


How to cope with Criticism

How to Create an Archangel Altar

Setting up an Archangel Altar isn't a difficult task. Like any other altar it takes a bit of time and should be placed where it won't be disturbed by people or pets. It can be constructed of any material, but using correspondences for each Archangel will add power and intent to your work.

What Have You Done For You Lately?

We spend so much time and energy on others that we often forget to look at spending time on ourselves. After all the most important person in your life is you, so its vital you look after yourself. This means of course that you are in tip-top condition to support and care for those around you.

How to Use "The Golden Key"

The perfect crisis management system - discover the secrets in Emmet Fox's small but powerful pamphlet "The Golden Key". Never be caught unaware again no matter what the situation.

Alcohol in the Workplace

Alcohol in the workplace has become a problem for many businesses and as a result, businesses are taking steps to create an alcohol free office environment. Although most businesses have a zero tolerance for alcohol use in the workplace, they will make every effort to try to get the employee help, o

How to be a Strong Negotiator

Powerful negotiation means having strong persuasion skills. We must be able to successfully persuade others to take our side of a certain situation, whether verbally or subliminally

Leaving the Legacy of Integrity

We are more important within the motion of life than we ordinarily think we are. We are constantly being observed, whether we like it or not, and people are observing us whether they like it or not. We leave a legacy whether we like it or not... Our decisions become our legacies. Our choices become

Bible Prosperity

God wants you to prosper. Now there was a time - not long ago - when generally speaking bible prosperity wasn't popular among Christians. There was something more religious and seemingly spiritual about being poor and lacking personal possessions.

The Many Types of Stress

There are many types of stress. Stress is a necessary part of your life. How stress affects you depends mostly on how you perceive stress-either negatively or positively.

Five Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

Even when you've set a "good" goal - one that adheres to your higher objective and is specific and measurable - you can run into some issues along the way... namely, staying motivated. Without motivation, even the most ambitious person will get sidetracked. Here are the strategies tha