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Yoga Guide for Day-to-Day Practice

This is almost a complete outline of the essentials of the practice of Yoga. But, when you actually begin to practice it, you will find it is very difficult. So, you have to be very ...

Popular Options For Kitchen Floors

Your floor experiences most of the wear and tear from the constant use, not to mention the spills and accidents from food preparation. You want a floor that will not only look great, but that ...

What Binaural Brainwaves Can Do For You

Binaural brainwaves tend to influence many brain functions especially those functions that are related to the hearing process. The phenomenon is known as the frequency following response.

A Lighter Way of Life

Give yourself the gift today of a lighter way of life. All stress and pain are created in the mind. Whatever kind of day you have, it will be one of your own making. You are the producer, director, writer and star of your own day.

Catch People

As you think about that relative, friend, neighbor, coworker, or person in some far away place that is lost, backslidden, lukewarm, deceived, and bound, think about yourself as a laborer to them to reach them with the love and power of God. To be a vessel or laborer means we are the vehicle by which

Reducing Stress During an Emergency

Critical situations occur occasionally, and they will quickly bring on lots of stress and anxiety for the person experiencing the situation. An emergency type of situation might be a tight deadline at work, your children throwing a tantrum, a broken-down car, stressful traffic, or a stock market dro

Leadership Training and Leadership Development: Are You Seeing Results?

Leadership development is an on-going process and one that should start early. First level managers are probably leading people, so why not send them to some entry level leadership training. In fact, wouldn't entry level managers be a good place to start a leadership development program? After

How to Keep a Positive Mindset and Achieve Your Goals

If you aren't one yourself, I bet you know one. You know - that person at work who blames everything on other people, the team mate who doesn't pull their weight and always has an excuse why they aren't performing.

What Makes People Happy? In Simple Notes

300 hundred small pleasures will make people much happier that one magnificient one. And it's true. If humans were to wait for the tsunami of Happiness to hit, we would definitely be leading a miserable life. People should be wishing for showers of happiness in our daily life to have a happier

Are You Stressed Out?

Are you always stressed out? Do you feel like you have a million things that you have to do and have a hard time keeping up with everything? Do you feel like you are giving to everyone else around you, but have a hard time taking some time out for yourself?

What Does Heroin Detox Look Like?

Once you realize that a loved one has a heroin addiction, understanding what they will go through as they detox from it is helpful. They will need your help and support in order to beat the addiction.

What is Survival?

Survival is the art of remaining alive in and escaping from a hostile environment without full facilities. Survival mustn't be confused with camping in the wilderness, in winter on a mountain armed with a tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment and food - this is not survival.

How Can You Use the Law of Attraction Create Whatever You Want

Whether it's deliberate or not, you're already using the Law of Attraction to attract things and situations into your life. Chances are that certain things crop up in your thoughts day in, day out. And chances are that even if you think those aren't what you want, you're attracti