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The Success Story of Wang Yongqing

When Wang Yongqing was fifteen years old,he worked as an apprentice in a shop which sold rice.He began his own career the next year.He borrowed two hundred yuan from his father and opened a small ...

Overcome Addiction With Hypnosis

What is addiction? Addiction is an over-indulgence or obsession over doing or using something, to the point that it becomes out-of-control, harmful and unhealthy. It may either be a physical or a psychological dependence, or ...

Recession Guide Pro Download-Recession Guide Pro Scam

The financial recession brought on by more than eager lenders, underprepared borrows, and overzealous authorities and an economy that cares extra about its bottom line than its citizens is Pummelling

Build Your Manners Now

MANNERISM: is derived from the word manner and from the word manner itself can be rightly define as a way in which things are done and basically as it relates to humans the word manner can be define as a person's way or behavior towards others. ETIQUETTE: on the other hand can be defining as th

Physical Immortality

The only way to inherit the kingdom of heaven is to become immortal. The reality of heaven is the planet earth. Therefore to inherit the abundant wealth of earth is to remain alive forever.

An Easy Life

Do you think life should be difficult?Maybe this article will help you see things differently.

How To Get A Guy Hooked: Preventing Him From Escaping Your Charms

There would be times when you would find yourself thinking about how to get a guy hooked, especially when there is a really interesting person you like but you have no idea how to get him to like you as well. When this happens, the best chance you have is to make the guy realize that you are a wonde

Memory Genius Learning Series - Why is Education Important?

The word education comes from a French root that means to lead out of ignorance. Memory Genius Leaders lead from a platform of knowledge-their personal and professional logos; and they lead the organization to knowledge-knowledge of the logos, knowledge of the vision, knowledge of the best business

Voice Care for Coaches

With flu and cold season in full bloom, professionalswho rely on their voice needs to take extra precautionsin order not to loose their voice and possibly theirincome.Business coach, Catherine Franz, shares withyou some of her experiences with laryngitis and themistakes that cost her business.

Overwhelmed by Your Task List?

You can have the same amount of obligations, deadlines and frantic people all around you and still find calm and clarity, because sometimes you can't change those external circumstances. This is about the inner game of stress management.

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Badly!

According to popular keynote speaker, best-selling author, sales coach, and President of, Dr. Gary S. Goodman, most of us are great finishers, but poor starters. He traces some of our procrastination habits to certain misguided lessons that we learned in school, and offers a

Do You Believe That You Are Destined to Be a Great Success?

If a person truly believes that he or she is going to be highly successful in any field of work, he or she will continue to invest in themselves. He or she will be determined to make themselves better and better; they will not stop until they have reached the level of success that they believe that

The 14 Focal Points of Personal Growth: 7 Sacrifice

Sacrifice Regarding Focal Point #6, Obedience, how do you become obedient? You guessed it, sacrifice. They work in tandem. In order to understand the essential, innate nature of sacrifice let's look to where it matters ...

How to Stay Motivated After Setbacks

Life is full of problems. There is a saying that says something about for every two steps you move forward, you inevitably take one step back. It is a simple fact of life that not ...

Living For Two - A Way to Overcome Your Grief

Living for two can be done any age or level of healing and for any reason. Although my adventures are now more in the vein of celebration, honoring your loved one can greatly help speed up your grief process and healing, as you're about to see.

Living Profoundly

You want to have an impact in this world. You're consumed by thoughts of achievement, goals, worries, success. So how is your impact? Here's a simple look at the simple truth of what is truly important.

Nourish the Soul Through the Creative Process

We all know the pleasure of getting lost in a good book or movie, but have you ever considered how much pleasure there can be in finding an inspirational pattern and deciding to engage yourself in som

Some Easy Way To Lose Weight

If you have been on a losing weight program and it seems to have come to a stop, or if you want to lose merely few more pounds, but the plates don't move, here's an ...

Unique Event Planning - How to Tap Your Imagination

So you want to throw a party? But you want to do something different, something no one has seen or experienced before. You are not content to plan another birthday party with the same theme, ...