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I'm Too Busy for Me

Everyone is busy nowadays. Its hard to find time for anything. From the time we wake up in the morning until the time we go to bed, its hard to find 30 minutes to simply be by yourself. If you are married with children, I know you can relate to what I am saying.

What We All Bought From the World's Greatest Salesman

Believe it or not but 99% of us have been scammed by the world's greatest salesman into doing something that will destroy the majority of our lives. Most of you have been scammed so well that you don't even know you've been scammed. The sad part is that some of you do know that you&ap

The Different Ways We Grieve

Grief is a painful struggle, but also a normal reaction to loss. There are many different ways to confront grief and each person deals with grief in a different way. Men, women and children do not and will never experience and express grief the same way. Although never truly resolved, grief must be

Heal Yourself

We as a parent need to do our emotional housekeeping from time to time, as our emotion very likely to turned out like a roller coaster sometimes during the first two to three years of our divorce, and the innocent young children who suffered the lost as we did, with no or lack of ability to catch up

Simple Thing to remember When choosing Jewelry

Choosing jewelry can be tough - even overwhelming. There's so much choice therefore much you need to know; particularly if you have not purchased much. The following tips will allow you to learn some useful ...

What Do You Mean, Forgive? I Just Can't

So, you've been hurt, disrespected, or any number of aggravated 'assaults' upon your person, your character, your life. It's nasty. I know. I've had my share. And I have carried a lot of resentment and anger over the years. It served me well...for a while.

Do You Understand The Secret?

Lately it seems the only thing you hear in the news or see on television is the Secret. How do you interpret the Secret? Read on to discover my perspective.

7 Keys To Leaders Serving A PURPOSE

Most of us realize that far more individuals serve in positions of leadership than perform as true and effective leaders! Those that wish to lead in any type of meaningful, impactful, relevant manner, begin by having priorities and goals that are in sync with the mission and viable vision of the org

How To Get Over Your Past?

The past has the ability to destroy your potential to live a meaningful life if you don't manage it correctly. Very often our culture of instant gratification and "speedy recovery" helps you to believe a myth: "moving on" means forgetting your past at any cost. Very often ru

Simple Habits Of Mind To Improve Your Mind Power

What are habits of mind, you may ask, and why must we improve mind power; without your mind you wouldn't be able to read any of this either. Mind power is important. It affects our thinking and our ability to concentrate as well. So we need to develop our mind in order to develop successful liv

Attachment, Expectations and Anger Management-Part I

Attachment, Expectations and Anger Management--Part I We believe that the universe, be it personal or impersonal, micro-or-macrocosmic, is either purposeful or random. Things "happen" for some reason or no reason, whether it is to me ...

What is NLP? And Why Isn't There a Simple Answer to This Question?

The question of What is NLP is being asked more and more these days and while it is not a simple answer, there is an answer. NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a term that is used to define out experiences as they are related to neurology, language and programming.

Stress Management for Inner Peace: Two Loving Steps to Tame Stress Overwhelm

When you are overwhelmed with stress, here is a two part process you can use to break free of the immediate stress and start creating solutions.Read on to discover how each step is a loving action that will support you in creating a new focus and positive solutions for stress reduction now.

Were the Buddha and Christ Avatars?

But I believe that the Avatars slipped up a little and divulged some deeper teachings to their closest disciples, men and women who could grasp and carry forward the deeper message. Perhaps because of this, the Catholics have their contemplative saints and the Buddhists have their meditating monks.

Fear Rehab

To many, I was known as the queen of fear or the princess of paranoia. Everything I did or anyone else did was transposed into a potentially hazardous or dangerous situation in my mind. If someone was talking about how excited they were about going for a nice relaxing hike, I would immediately visua

Changing Your Belief System For Success

Changing your belief system is the major task you will probably face in moving from the realm of the average or slightly above average to superstar producer. Your belief system is your film, your subconscious mind is your projector which, in association with the Law of Attraction, faithfully creates

The Basics of Becoming yourself

Learning how to become who you were meant to be is one of the most challenging and thrilling of life's adventures.Jan Engles-Smith of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies is a gifted teacher who delig

Prevent Yourself From Getting Burnt Out

Have you ever got to that point where you're frustrated, burnt out, you've hit the wall and you can't really do anything else today? We've all been there and this is a sign that you've been pushing yourself too hard and forcing yourself to be productive, to complete tasks th

God's Wealth - Benefits of Crises

What good can come out of Crises? Learn the benefits of Crises and refuse discouragement, instead establish what God is doing and which of the benefits discussed in this article apply to you.