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Treating a Yeast Infection

A Yeast Infection is a condition caused by an overgrowth of a species of Yeast called Candida Albicans. It can be extremely distressing and have many unpleasant symptoms. Also known as Candida, it is quite common with up to 75% of women expected to suffer at some point. It is also, sadly, a recurrin

Fertility Conditions

Infertility is a condition that enables couples who are having unprotected sex to conceive.

What Can You Take to Cure a Yeast Infection While Pregnant?

I know that being pregnant can be difficult as the medicines you can take are extremely limited due to their interaction with the fetus. So what can you take to cure a yeast infection while pregnant? There are a number of options.

Support Group Makeover: How to Create a Community for the Modern Woman

Community-building and forging connections with women can truly move you toward happiness and joy. It's the most underutilized tool in a woman's toolbox. Our women ancestors knew this. It's time for us to bring this back into our everyday living and get out of that lone ranger mode!

Cost of Swimming With the Dolphins in Jamaica

Dolphin Cove at Treasure Reef in Ocho Rios is the most accessible dolphin swim on the island. It's a natural body of water set in five acres of rain forest near Dunn's River Falls on the North Coast, where many cruise ships dock. You can swim with bottlenose dolphins, as well as sharks and de-barbed

How to Rid Yourself of Bacterial Vaginosis Smell

Many of us will have bacterial vaginosis once in our lives if not more than once. Most people may think that they have a yeast infection when really it could be bacterial vaginosis. This is much more common and affects around seventy percent of all women.

How Do I Know If Im Infertile?

Having a baby is not always easy. Certain factors can prevent your becoming pregnant. The causes of female infertility are often unknown. But there are steps you can take to find out about your fertility and, ultimately, to have that baby you so want.

Summer Season of Options

I was doing some research for a class I will be teaching soon and was encouraged by the diverse options available to women of every age, size, and shape this season. So often the warm weather clothing trends cater to the young, lithe and fit.

Dealing With Current Threats to Women's Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a study in 2009, which revealed that there were millions of women suffering from health issues exclusive to the female of the species. Although in most countries of the world, men have a shorter life expectancy than women, the latter is more vulnerable t

Is Retirement Different for Women?

In a recent interview, I was asked the following question: 'How is retirement different for women?' This was my answer...

Makeovers Are Supposed to Be Fun - Don't Let That Ever Change

As far back as I can remember the thought of receiving or giving one of my girlfriends a makeover really excited me. These makeovers would include a full or partial wardrobe change (season dependent of course), to makeup and hair style. These days however the makeover has taken a giant leap forward

Alternative Fibroid Tumor Treatments - How To Shrink Fibroids Naturally

Conventional fibroid tumor treatments are sadly lacking in effectiveness and this is why many doctors recommend leaving fibroids untreated as they will naturally shrink at the time of the menopause.Now this is all well and good if you are fast approaching the menopause or if your fibroids are causin

Spotting The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Menopause

It is very important for all women to be able to spot the early sign and symptoms of menopause. This is especially true for the unfortunate few who experience menopause in their twenties and early thirties. This article will explain the most common early signs of menopause.